Stage 2 - Our First Expansion!

Fortresses, group play, native tokens, special events, WAX pool, and more!
For our first Major Expansion, the second stage of the game, we're targeting the following new features:
  • Fortresses - Sink event tokens into your Fortress to upgrade it, unlocking bonuses like member capacity, crafting of new Mighty Troops, and more! Fortresses will take a lot of time and effort to level up, but you don't have to do it alone!
  • Group Play - Work together to build up your Fortress and earn rewards as a group! Players contribute to their Fortress and unlock perks for their Commanders and options for crafting Mighty Troops or harvesting resources!
  • Special Events - A Special Event pool will be opened up occasionally that will reward special event tokens that can be used to level up your Fortress! This pool will be integral to mastering the Fortress and its many upgrades!
  • Resource Troves - Bought with WAX from our drop, these will come in a small pack that contains 3 Troves of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic varieties that contain our new native tokens, styled after RTS games of old like Age of Empires or Warcraft! These tokens are harvested by Workers and used to craft Mighty Troops with the help of a Fortress! A portion of the WAX spend will go directly to a new Dark Gate WAX pool for Commanders to Assault!
  • Expendable Workers - Buy new Worker NFTs with tokens from other games (which goes into the pools, of course!) - these workers have a new mechanic, exhaustion! Each worker has a chance to expire (be burned!) whenever they are used, but the chance is low! You can choose to use the same worker again right after using them, and again, and again... stacking exhaustion and chance to be burned! How hard will you make them work? What are you willing to risk for riches..?
  • Mighty Troops - Tokens gathered by Workers from Resource Troves have an important purpose, the training of Mighty Troops! Mighty Troops are bigger and better than their basic counterparts and offer much improved Carrying Capacity and Attack Power, but require leveled Fortresses to make! Can you work together with your team, big or small, to make your Strike Forces the most powerful in the land? The Dark Gate won't stand a chance against you!