Post-Launch Updates - Complete!

Quality of Life updates, features, and more, after launch but before the second stage!

Before we move on to our second stage of the game and its bigger, involved systems, we're updating a number of small things to make the gameplay far better!

  • Website Updates - Battle Screen, Inventory, Deck creation streamlining - Complete!

  • Advanced Troop Packs - 5x size packs for player convenience - Complete!

  • Avatar Commanders - Free Commanders with certain limitations - Complete!

  • Victory Points - Since launch, Commanders have been earning Victory points, spend them to win NFTs! - Complete!

  • Second Chance Points - Likewise, for awhile Players have been earning points with their Losses, too, which will be manifested in Second Chance points which can earn you some extra Troops or a Commendation! - Complete!

  • Random Battle - A special perk for First Edition Commanders! Gain a flat +5% success chance and +20% loot reward, but the pool you attack is totally random! Will you take the risk for the big gains? - Complete!

  • Battle Tactics NFTs - Stake this new NFT, earned through gameplay, to your Deck to change its behavior in subtle or drastic ways! Specialize your Strike Forces in new and interesting ways! - Complete!

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