Stage 1 - Game Launch - Live NOW!

What can you do in Apex Conquest upon game launch?

Apex Conquest launched on August 5th!

10+ tokens can play in our game at launch - with more to come!

What's coming right at Launch?

The features of Apex Conquest in its initial launch shouldn't be too complicated to understand, but they will be a lot of fun! Here's a brief rundown:
  • Commanders - Sold from our drops, you'll need at least one Commander to play! Commanders earn Experience, or XP, when they lead a successful Assault! Commanders have a Morale system that needs to be restored after seven Assaults.
  • Troops - You need ten troops to go with your Commander to Assault the Dark Gate! Troops are obtained from packs sold in our Shop, and paid for with other game tokens from across the WAX Blockchain Gaming space!!
  • Construct a Deck - Collectively, your Commander and Troops form a deck, aka 'Strike Force' - Commanders need to be staked to the contract for this, but troops do not.
  • Assault the Dark Gate - When you choose to send your Strike Force to Assault the Dark Gate, you'll target a certain "pool" of tokens to farm, if successful. These pools are formed by the collection of tokens from Troop pack sales!
  • Finally - Obtain loot from gameplay and occasionally our partnered games!
A Commendation is used to Restore a Commander's Morale to full!