Raids & Tournaments

Boss Battles and Time Trials!

We're building a new way to use your Commanders and Troops in Boss Battles (Raids) and Time Trials! (Tournaments)

Player Driven System

Players will be able to add tokens and start a boss battle or time trial via the Apex Partner Portal!

A player or partner can add tokens and optional NFTs for challengers to earn!

When creating a tournament, multiple tokens can be used to create a hybrid reward pool for the players, a banner can be optionally added by the tournament creator, and NFTs can be added to the pool! Got an event coming up, want to give away whitelist passes or other cool NFTs? This is an excellent tool to distribute to players!

Boss Battles

Boss Battles (Raids) will function differently than typical Apex Conquest gameplay! Bosses do not last for a set amount of time, but rather have "Health" that they lose when attacked. Commanders cannot lose an attack against the boss, which means they always get 1 experience! But it also means they can lose up to 4x Troops in the battle.

Damage is dealt to the boss's health based on the 'success' chance of the deck, and players score based on both their carrying capacity and damage dealt!

When the boss dies, however long that takes, all contributing players will split the rewards based on their contribution!

Time Trials

Time Trials (Tournaments) function similarly to our current system, where a player has a chance to win and earns tokens based on carrying capacity! Your total contribution to the pool over the course of the event will inform how much you earn at the end.

Tournaments will last either 3, 7, or 14 days.

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