Meet APEX NFT Brasil!

Learn more about the Game's Creators!

Victor Lopes

👋 CEO — [email protected] — Brazil (GMT-3)


A Physicist by training (Rice University & NYU), Victor has drifted from academia to blockchain game development. Under his leadership, Apex NFT has become a staple in the WAX industry.

Meet the APEX Team!

Apex NFT Brasil is a frontend & WAX development company founded in October 2021. They're the engineering team behind Apex Conquest, Castles NFT, Dark Galaxies and WaxCraft.

Joshua "Aridhol" Cantrell

👋 Guest Designer —
[email protected] — US, Mountain Time (GMT-6)


A Founding member of Metasource Games, the vast majority of Aridhol's time is spent working on Castles NFT - designing new systems, making sure the mathematics and economics make sense, and a LOT of marketing! In his spare time, he works on other projects! Sometimes he's in the mood to design a board game, sometimes its a card game, sometimes its a video game! Yes, he's aware he has a problem. In between all of that, somehow Joshua gets to occasionally go camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting with his family in Montana.