Battle Tactics - Customize your Deck!

Tactics NFTs can be used to change up your gameplay!

Tactics - Change your Strategy!

Tactics cards can be obtained primarily through spending Victory points in-game, and they can be used to add a bonus or change the way that a deck behaves, in minor or dynamic ways!
Here's a table that shows you the odds of getting each Tactics card, with descriptions of the cards below as comments on the images!
Tactics Cards
Backpacks, Pack Pikes, Demolition Expert
Balanced Formation, Infantry Master, Closer
Careful Approach, Sacrificial Army, Pinpoint Marksman
Raiding Party, Maniac
Adds +5 Carrying Capacity to your Deck
If you have 3+ Archers and Pikeman, gain +5 AP and +5 CC
Lose 5 AP and 5 CC, but your maximum troops lost is reduced by 1
Gain 10 AP, but lose 10 CC
Each Grenadier in your deck gains +1 AP, but your minimum troops lost increases by 1
Each Infantry in your deck gains +3 CC
Swap your Deck's AP and CC
Each Pikeman in your deck gains +1 CC
Each Archer in your deck gains +1 AP
If your deck has only Horsecarts and Scouts, gain +5 AP
Gain 1 XP when you are Victorious, and +5 AP for your deck, but the maximum losses for your deck is increased by 2