Partnership Expansions

What is a Metaverse Game without partnership options?

We've got some exciting news for all potential partners! We're upgrading a number of our smart contracts in extremely flexible ways - your NFTs could be playable in Apex Conquest too!

Partner Commanders - Commanders from ANY collection! - Complete!

Our deckbuilding system is being updated to allow other collection Commanders! These must be approved by the team, but soon any NFT could be a valid Commander, with experience earning, morale, and all the same features of a 2nd edition Commander!

Bottled Experience - Capture the Experience from a Commander! - Coming Soon!

Purchase an Experience Bottle and use it on your existing Commanders to subtract 20 experience and receive a Bottled Experience! This can be applied to ANY other non-Avatar Commander - including Partner Commanders! This is a great way to move experience around when you get a new Commander, or to boost up your favorites!

Commander NFT Rewards - Spend Experience & get an NFT! - Coming Soon!

Spend 5x Experience from any Commander to roll the dice and receive an NFT reward! These come from two sources, our own collection, or our new Partner NFT pool that will be filled with NFTs from across the WAX Metaverse - some great, some small!

Partners - What are you waiting for?!

With all the new possibilities for Partner collections, reach out to us today and get new use-cases for your tokens and NFTs, new burn mechanics for NFTs, and expand your player base by offering reward NFTs to new audiences!

Contact the team via discord or telegram today!

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