To Assault the Dark Gate, you need to construct a Deck

Construct your Strike Force!

To Create a Strike Force, or plainly, a deck, you need the following:

  • 1 Commander

  • 10 Troop Units

Troop units will inevitably die, so you are able to freely change the Troops assigned to a deck! You will need to adjust the deck to have exactly 10 Troops before it will be available to send to Assault the Dark Gate!

You can adjust the troops in your deck at will, but to retrieve your Commander, you will need to disassemble your Deck.

Optionally, you can include up to 1 Tactics card to alter your deck in subtle or extreme ways! See here

Disassembling a Strike Force will return your Commander to your wallet, unstaking them, with any earned XP intact! You cannot disassemble the deck unless your Commander has a full seven Morale!

Avatar Commander decks cannot be unstaked, regardless of Morale! You can remove the Troops still if wish.

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