Approved Tokens + Partnership Opportunities

What is a Metaverse without connection and partnership?

WAX needs a Metaverse, and we're here to deliver!

Currently Approved Tokens for Dark Gate Pools

  • Metasource (MSOURCE) - Castles NFT - Link Here
  • Nefty Token (NEFTY) - Neftyblocks - Link Here
  • Shing (SHING) - Taco - Link Here
  • Brawler Token (BRWL) - Blockchain Brawlers - Link Here
  • Trillium (TLM) - Alien Worlds - Link Here
  • Dusk (DUSK) - Million on Mars - Link Here
  • Aether (AETHER) - RPlanet - Link Here
  • Tocium (TOCIUM) - Train of the Century - Link Here
  • SEST Token (SEST) - Farming Tales - Link Here
  • Deuterium (DTF) - Dark Galaxies - Link Here
  • NKF Energy (NKFE) - NiftyKicks - Link Here
  • FGL Token (FGL) - Cosmic Clash/Mecha World - Link Here
  • Realm Token (RLM) - Realm NFT - Link Here
  • Kyanite (KYANITE) - Starship NFT - Link Here
  • Guild Token (GUILD) - The Adventure Guild / TAG - Link Here
  • Loot Token (LOOT) - Warsaken - Link Here
  • . . . with more to come!

Apex Conquest is here for Partnerships and Events!

We're building this game with partnerships and events very strongly in mind! If your collection would like to partner with us, please seek out Aridhol or Ferrari in our discord and we'll see what we can do!
Partnership possibilities include:
  • Provide NFTs for the players to earn from Apex Reward Medals and we'll increase the odds of obtaining it from your associated pool!
  • Allow your token to be used in our Dark Gate Pools!
  • Hold a referral contest to reward Commander Packs to players in conjunction with your events
  • Advertising space on our website
  • . . . And more!
Buy Troops with Tokens from across the WAX Metaverse!
And buy Commendations with Tokens too!