Advanced Tactics

The Tactics Office and its Functions

The "Tactics Office" portion of the Fortress can do two things, each sharing a one week long cooldown! You can take as many actions on this cooldown as the total level of your Tactics Offices in Fortresses you are a member of.

Creating New Tactics Packs from FORT + WAX

Spend 250 FORT and 20 WAX to create a new Tactics pack!

Upgrading a Tactics Card into an Advanced Tactic

Sharing that same cooldown, a player may instead spend 500 FORT and any existing Tactics card to receive a random Advanced Tactic instead!

Advanced Tactics can also be leveled up by spending FORT tokens, improving their potency!

Advanced Tactics will be launched at the same time or shortly after the launch of the Fortress, with further details coming soon!

The Tactics Office can also be unlocked as a $10 standalone which adds +1 to your wallet's "Tactical Office" level, independent of your connection to any Fortresses. This can only be done once per wallet.

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