Vision and Values

Why we do what we do, and why you should care!

Our Vision

To become the de facto Bridge between the WAX Metaverse by allowing players from across many games to use their tokens to play ours - and reward them in the token of their choice through our Dark Gate Pools!

Our Values

Be Transparent

We believe that Blockchain Gaming should always be transparent! We'll do our best to always be available for users to ask questions, our policies should always be clearly laid out, and our gameplay should be available to everyone who desires it!

Be Respectful

We do not take advantage of our users' attention and time, and thereby do our best to provide gameplay that is respectful of that. As a WAX Metaverse game, we know you're playing other games - that's great! As such, we do not want to be a burden on your time, but another thoughtful step along your Play to Earn journey!

Provide Value to Players

We challenge ourselves to make sure that whatever we create, it has both reason and purpose for gameplay and provides value to the players. If any of our systems are found to be lacking, we will make adjustments! We are committed to creating an experience that is fantastic for everyone involved!