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Welcome to Apex Conquest!

WAX Blockchain Metaverse Gaming at its finest!

Official Launch was: August 5th!

Apex Conquest is the perfect addition to your WAX Gaming habits!

Apex Conquest is the game you've been looking for! The first of its kind, a TRUE Metaverse game on WAX! It brings you a ton of fun, strategy, long term progression, and a lot of new use cases for the tokens you already have from playing other games on WAX! Couple all that with a low barrier to entry, and you've found Apex Conquest!
Commanders level up over time!
Troops are cheap, but can die!
Rewards are plentiful and varied!
Apex Conquest was designed with the following primary goals:
  • To give players more use cases for their blockchain game tokens
  • To let them have a lot of fun, without dominating their time!
  • To form a bridge between games in the WAX Blockchain Metaverse!
The Metaverse is opening on WAX!