The Tower

Upgrading your Tower to add new members to your Fortress & provide Victory bonuses to its members!

Add new members to your Fortress team by upgrading the Tower!

For each level of the Tower, you may add up to one additional member to your Fortress!

This new member will benefit from your Fortress levels and will be able to donate FORT tokens to your Fortress.

You may remove members from your Fortress by repaying the total amount of FORT they have donated to your Fortress - if they haven't donated any, you can remove them for free!

Note: You may only add or remove a member ONCE per day, to prevent abuse of the system

Your Highest "Tower" Level of any Fortress you are a member of also grants a bonus to success chance!

For any Fortress which you are the owner or a member, you also get a bonus flat success chance added to each of your decks equal to the Tower's level.

You only get this bonus for the HIGHEST Tower level of Fortresses you are associated with - it does not stack with multiple Fortresses to avoid abuse of this system.

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