Commanders + Commendations

Lead your forces into Battle with a mighty Commander

Commanders - Leaders of your Strike Forces

Commanders are special NFTs that lead your troops into battle! You'll need exactly one Commander for each time you wish to Assault the Dark Gate in a day, but you can have more than one if you wish!

Commanders cannot die - even if you fail in your attempt to thwart the forces of evil, your Commander will return unscathed to try again!

Commanders need to be staked to be used in your deck, and cannot be unstaked unless their Morale is full!

Morale - Your Commander starts with seven Morale, and spends one Morale each time they lead a charge into the Dark Gate! After all seven Morale have been depleted, your Commander will no longer have the will to attack the Dark Gate! To restore their confidence, you'll need to give them a Commendation!

Editions - Time limited Commanders!

Commanders will also come in a variety of editions that will offer perks for their owners!

During our initial sale, First Edition Commanders will be on sale for $35 (the normal, base price) - but after that, any First Edition Commanders will be priced at $50 for the pack! First Edition Benefits - First Edition Commanders get 2 XP per successful Assault on the Dark Gate instead of 1 during special event windows! We will launch the game's first month with a special launch event window, and will periodically re-activate these windows for special weekend or week long promos!

Second Edition Sales - When we offer a new sale of packs for a given set of Commanders, we'll be offering them at $35 per pack and the Commanders will be second edition! These Commanders have all the same function as First Editions, but will not benefit from special event weekends! Get those First Editions while they are available!!

Future First Edition Sales - When a NEW set of Commanders becomes available, with new art, their first sale will be sold as First Edition Commanders, and they will have the same benefits as other first editions. These sales will be limited in quantity and held in conjunction with collaborations and special events!

Avatar Commanders - Free for EVERY Player!

Avatar Commanders are a free, non-NFT Commander that all players may claim for free!

Avatar Commanders still need Morale like other NFT Commanders, but they cannot ever be unstaked or transferred in any way. They also cannot gain any Experience, but they have some different perks related to the number of Commanders you have staked and their experience!

Troops - Avatar Commanders still need their own 10 Troops staked in their deck to be used! Buy Troops with tokens from other games! This aspect of the game is essential to keep it fair for everyone.

Success Chance - Avatar Commanders have a unique modifier for success chance! They do not have nor benefit from Experience, but do gain a FLAT +4% Success Chance for every Commander you have currently staked in a deck, which definitely means with enough Commanders your Avatar Commander can reach 100% Success Chance!

Carrying Capacity - For the sake of Carrying Capacity, Avatar Commanders have a 25% loss in loot returns if they are your only Commander! This makes playing with only an Avatar Commander a viable but less than lucrative option. This penalty is removed by owning and staking at least one Commander! If you own one or more Commanders, then instead of a penalty, the Avatar Commander will copy the Carrying Capacity bonus from your HIGHEST Experience Commander!

Visual Appearance - A cool bonus to the Avatar Commander system is they look however you want them to look. They'll copy your profile image from your Atomic Hub profile associated with your wallet! There may be a delay associated with this image if you change it but it should update.

Commendations - Restore Commander Morale and fight another Week!

Commendations are NFTs that can be traded freely and obtained a variety of ways:

  • Buying them from our Shop for approximately 20 WAX worth of connected game tokens

  • Trading for one from another player

  • Buying one on a secondary market, like Neftyblocks or Atomichub

Commendations are used to restore a Commander's Morale, and are burnt in the process! You may restore a Commander's Morale before it reaches zero if you wish, but Morale cannot exceed the maximum of seven.

Note: Commander packs come with a random Commander and one Commendation

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