Assault the Dark Gate

Enter the Dark Gate to fight back the Forces of Evil - and collect treasures!

The Dark Gate - Limitless Evil

Assaulting the Dark Gate

Once your deck is ready, its time to Assault the Dark Gate!
Go to the Battle page and select one of your available Strike Forces. You can only select a deck whose Commander is not on cooldown and has at least 1 Morale, and has exactly 10 Troops assigned to it.
Once your deck is selected, you'll choose a Pool to Assault within the Dark Gate. Once you've decided on a Pool, you'll see the following information:
  • Your Commander's current XP and Morale
  • Chance of Success
  • Estimated Tokens collected if Successful
As soon as you're ready, click "Assault!" and your Strike Force will be sent out!
After a short delay, you'll see a pop up window with the results of your Assault, including whether or not you were successful, what troops were lost (if any), and how many tokens you collected from the pool (if successful).
A Commander's cooldown after Assaulting the Dark Gate will reset daily at UTC 0!
Reward Calculator:
(Deck Carrying Capacity * (1+0.01XP of Commander) * A {usually Half the number of active pools} * The Tokens in the pool) / Total Carrying Capacity of All Troops Currently Circulating) * This will be displayed for you in-game before you send out to battle, you don't need to worry about the calculations but we wanted to make them available here!
The Battle Screen! You'll see a lot of extra info when hovering over names and numbers, clicking battle, etc!