Sales and Rewards

How Apex Conquest will handle NFT sales, drops, and reward players

Sales structure, plans, and pools!

The Sales plans for Apex Conquest are loosely as follows:
  • Commander Packs - One random Commander + One Commendation - $35 in WAX
    • Supply: First sale will be time limited, so that players can set the supply for whatever is reasonable! This sale will be the only time you can get a First Edition Commander for $35! OVER!
    • After the first sale, we'll offer new Commander pack sales at $35 for Second Edition Commanders (see Commanders for explanation) when the demand is there. These will still include a Commendation!
    • We will offer new First Edition Commander packs whenever NEW Commanders are released, in conjunction with collaborations and special events, at $50 each. These will still include a Commendation!
  • Troop Packs - Four random troops from the six available at launch - Approximately 10 WAX worth of any approved WAX NFT game token!
    • Supply: Unlimited. Troops die frequently, and will need to be replenished often - which refills the pools for the Dark Gate!
  • Commendations - One Commendation - Approximately 20 WAX worth of any approved WAX NFT game tokens.
    • Supply: Unlimited. We expect players to get Commendations as needed to recharge their Commanders!
Note: All prices are subject to change for the health of the game! For example, if WAX value were to increase dramatically, then the cost of packs might be too high, and we would adjust accordingly.

Pools - The Gameplay Reward Structure of Apex Conquest

Gameplay is rewarded in Apex Conquest in three ways: Commander experience gain, Apex Reward medals, and tokens from the Dark Gate pool!
  • Commander Experience: Commanders gain 1 Experience, or "XP," every time they successfully Assault the Dark Gate. This XP is added to the mutable data for the Commander and is transferred if the Commander is unstaked and traded or sold to another player. In game, XP acts as a modifier for the Combat Power and Carrying Capacity of your Strike Force!
  • Commander modifier formula for Success chance: (1 + 0.005XP) * Deck Attack Power /100
  • Commander modifier formula for token pool rewards: A * (1 + 0.01XP) * Deck Carrying Capacity / All minted Troop Carrying Capacity - where "A" is our Alpha tuning knob, generally the target value is one half of the total number of pools, rounded down
  • Apex NFT Rewards: Spend experience from Commanders for a guaranteed NFT reward! This comes from a pool of partner NFTs or from the collection itself and includes Troop packs, Commendations, Tactics Packs, Commander packs, etc!
  • Dark Gate Pools: Every WAX Blockchain game token collected from Troop pack sales and Commendation sales goes into its respective Pool, where rewards are paid out to players based on their Strike Force's modified Carrying Capacity! In turn, players can use these tokens to get more Troops, Commendations, Sell them, or Use them in the game the originated in!
Commander Indrilia Treesong
Commander Auldra Shortfang
Commander Gii Axehaft