Multiplayer & Level-up

How does the Fortress work?

A few basic starting points:

  • Fortresses must be staked to function

  • Fortresses keep their levels if they are unstaked

  • The Fortress owner can add members to the Fortress, allowing others to benefit from the Fortress and grow it together!

  • The Owner and Members can donate FORT tokens to the Fortress to allow it to level up!

    • Once FORT has been donated, it cannot be withdrawn, only spent. Each member's contribution in FORT is tracked so members can be appropriately credited for their contributions!

    • Only the Owner can spend the donated FORT to assign these levels

  • Members are protected: for an owner to remove you from the Fortress member list, they must repay the amount of FORT you donated to the Fortress!

Responsibility for Owners

Each wallet may be the active Owner of only ONE Fortress, but may be a member in an unlimited amount of Fortresses, if they so desire.

Owners may spend a fixed amount of FORT tokens to give their staked Fortress a nickname - similar to their Avatar Commander! This is purely for fun, but it does help users differentiate between Fortresses they may be members of.

Owners bear the responsibility of communicating with members to coordinate goals for leveling up the Fortress! If you are trying to get everyone to donate FORT, make sure to let them know what your plans are for growing the Fortress

Owners are the only ones who can spend donated for to assign a new level for the Fortress - make sure you assign levels where you've told your members you would, or they stop donating FORT tokens!

At the end of the day, the Fortress belongs to its owner. No one can unstake it but the owner!

In order to unstake the Fortress, you must first remove all member wallets - which means you need to buy your members out of the Fortress by repaying them for the FORT they have contributed so far!

After a Fortress has been unstaked, it keeps all its levels - and it can be traded or sold to a new owner!

Benefits for Owners & Members alike

Both Owners and Members benefit from ALL bonuses granted by Fortresses they are members of!

The Tower grants a flat +1% success chance to all decks owned per level, and increases the amount of members a Fortress may have by 1 per level. Note: Unlike the other two bonuses, a player may ONLY benefit from the highest Tower level of any Fortress they are a member of!

The Barracks grants the ability to upgrade an Infantry into a Mighty Troop one time per day per level

The Tactical Office grants the ability to craft or upgrade a Tactics card one time per week per level

How do you level up a Fortress?

In order to level up a Fortress, its owner and members must donate FORT tokens!

Anyone may donate FORT tokens - these are spent and written to the Fortress contract as a credit, which can be spent by the owner to initiate a level up.

Each member's contribution is tracked for each Fortress they are apart of!

What does it cost to level up a Fortress?

Leveling up your Fortress is pretty straightforward - you combine the total level of your Fortress (Tower level + Barracks Level + Tactical Office level), subtract two, and multiply by 300. This is how much FORT you need for your next level up for your Fortress!

In Formula form:

(Total Level) = (Tower Level + Barracks Level + Tactical Office Level) 300 * ((Total Level) - 2) = Level up Cost Example math: Assuming that your Tower is level 3, your Barracks is level 1, and your Tactical Office is level 1, your total level is equal to 5. So... 300 * (5 - 2) = 300 * 3 = 900 FORT tokens

The order that you level up your Fortress doesn't matter, since it will increase its cost based on the total level of the Fortress - meaning you can spread out your levels or stack them up in a single category - the choice is yours!

Each of the three portions of the Fortress begins at level 1.

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